Wednesday, February 4, 2009


oil on canvas

Valentine's Day hearts represent love and this one is dedicated to Devlin, the Wonder Dog. He's twelve, his health is failing, and we fear he's focusing more and more on the non-physical. It's been the three of us for so long, I'm not at all sure how we'll handle life without him. He is our baby, he sleeps between us, has something to say about everything we do and is incredibly put out should we share a kiss without including him in the embrace. He is our "Little Man," and I want to thank him for his love and devotion and uber cuteness.

As far as the painting goes, I'm completely surprised with it! I bought new brushes, filberts for the first time, and I think they made quite a difference. (Thank you again Jeff Hein!) Combine them with the fact that I thought our Valentine tribute was on the 14th instead of tomorrow and booya!—it looks like I know what I'm doing. Who knew? This is the first time in weeks I've finished a piece in one day as well. Oh goodie. Now I have time to clean the house.


  1. I always avoid cleaning if I have extra time. That's why I'm so glad my studio is at home, I can just disappear at the most convenient times.
    Your ribbon is a simple idea, but you've made it very special. What a nice idea. Your colors are lovely, some of my favorites,

  2. One could feel the texture of the ribbon, it is good.


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