Tuesday, March 17, 2009


oil on canvas

Working on commissions today and yesterday. This is another blast from the past. A few Christmases ago I was fortunate enough to receive 6 gift commissions the second week of November of that year. I decided I would not be able to deliver unless I planned the work on each painting, on paper, one day at a time, one hour at a time. It worked! Every painting was shipped literally 3 days before Christmas! I was exhausted but I learned that if I focused on what I wanted—in this case completing each commission on time—instead of what I didn't want, everything fell into place.


  1. what an adorable pose! Love it!!

  2. An incredible portrait. The lighting is stunning and the pose priceless. Your work is very inspiring! I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to your future work. Wendy

  3. The dog just speaks volumes in your painting. Great emotion.

  4. This is just too good!!

    The composition is superb.

    The red tones look incredible. I didn't even know that shade of red existed until seeing this painting.

    Just an incredibly strong piece. I'm so damn jealous!!



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