Monday, March 30, 2009


oil on canvas

Bugfest marches on. I tried this one on canvas and found that linen works best. Obviously a nub-less surface would work best for little bug arms and legs, I know this, but I was out of linen and I felt decidedly buggy today. Still, methinks the Lady would have faired significantly better on a smooth surface. Typical, my love/hate relationship with linen has turned to love again, just in time for spring!


  1. eee!!! I love your bugs!!!!

    This little lady looks like a ruby with legs. Beautiful and I'm lovin' the unique vantage point you've given us.

  2. Awesome!

    I love the glossy sheen on the red wings and black face.

    As Sheila stated, I love the perspective of this lady as well.



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