Monday, March 23, 2009


oil on canvas

The second in the trampoline series. Obviously, the more often one does something the more proficient one becomes doing it. While working on this piece, I time traveled back almost ten years to a painting I was working on, also a figure study. I used to start with the eyes and from that point until completion, I'd simply match the colors and shapes I saw. If there were a shadow, I would paint the shadow, meaning I'd render the shadow—carefully studying the color and temperature transitions until I came to a different section and the process would begin again. When the painting was completed it was more like a patchwork quilt of different pieces that came together to make a whole.

Fast forward to the present and I still start with the eyes, but more as a landmark to anchor the remaining shapes to. A circle underneath the eye then becomes part of the structure that holds the eye in the socket, not a half-moon shape pasted below the bottom lid. I'm beginning to see that my work is becoming more cohesive, less partitioned and is finally starting to take on the "painterly" qualities I've always longed for.

Himself used to snap: "I'd like to see one painting leave this house with one brush stroke still in tact. Now I understand what he meant.


  1. Oh Suzanne, this is wonderful. Like your other piece, there is still a little mystery as to who this happy jumper is but you give enough to see the glee on her face. And again, my favorite areas are the foot and the shoulder, armpit leading up to the left hand. Bravo!

  2. This is a very important series. Will we see #3, #4? Maybe #5?
    So happy you are getting to that place in your painting you hoped and worked so hard for.

  3. This is so joyous! I'm encouraged to hear you describe your painting experiences. You really made something clear to me. Thanks, Suzanne.

  4. Anatomically correct, great movement, eye-popping color, and unique composition.

    What else is there to say?



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