Sunday, March 29, 2009


oil on canvas

Another past commission. I'm actually working today, but didn't finish in time, so I thought Casey might be a suitable standin. In my early days of pet portraiture, I received some blown- out snaps from clients. Scanning them into Photoshop and pumping up the hue saturation sometimes helps but it can often add too much color to the true shade of the dog's coat. This is a great example. The discoloration under Casey's eye wasn't nearly as deep, but happily the client loved it. What I usually do now is print out the pumped-up shot along with the original and use them both as reference, hoping to land somewhere in the middle.


  1. Oh this is marvelous! Thank you for relaying your experience and the extra photo references you work with now.

  2. Love the complimentary colors in the fur and how they seamlessly work together (the tans on the ears, the blues near the torso, and the pinks on the nose).

    You said it was an oldie, but how old is this painting? Might be nice to compare your older work with your newer pieces to see how you've grown.


  3. What a sweet painting - love the expression on his face. Suzanne, I tagged you for the Passion for Painting Award - see my blog for details....

  4. Hi suzzane ,what a lovely portrait! the coat looks so velvety...BTW, i have also tagged you for the passion for painting award!:)

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    I love your work! Beautiful detail and color palette!


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