Friday, March 20, 2009


oil on linen

The bugfest continues! I'm finding them an artful oasis from laboring over a likeness or blotting in a background. Also believe eliminating a signature adds to the drama or lack thereof in this case—allowing the bug a solitary journey across the canvas. I've been mulling over just signing the side or back of the canvas lately anyway as sometimes I think my signature detracts from the composition.

Had a change of scenery this week, workwise that is. Long story having to do with, the Allmans run at the Beacon and watching all the shows live on the plasma—the new iMac being the magic box making this all possible. So, the plasma residing upstairs made it necessary for me, my paints, brushes, canvases etc. to migrate along with the iMac to the top floor as well. A moment of praise for those lightweignt, inexpensive aluminum easles.

As the week progressed, it became obvious that occassionally I need to shake up my surroundings. This weeks' work was blissfully free of all the ridiculous imaginary roadblocks I place in my way, simply because my surroundings were different!

We attach feelings to inanimate objects and environments, at least I do anyway, and I realized I have been painting the studio in a negative coat of doubt. Think I'll slightly rearrange the furniture and maybe burn some incense when I return next week.


  1. OMG Suzanne. I love bugs and beetles have to be(e) on the top three of my list. You would love James Parker's art and his beetle work.

  2. Rearranging furniture and burning incense works magic! I do it all the time.
    Beautiful bug, as always.

  3. Love this!

    So simple and yet so awesome.

    I'm impressed by the detail for such a small critter.


  4. Wow, Suzanne! I love your bugs, and you have no reason for doubt.


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