Friday, August 15, 2008


In Progress

I really wanted to finish this one today. I started it yesterday after I finished the sarong. (Really? Could we perhaps call that yet another growth spurt?) But, rainy and icky, they'll be no baking in the sun today so, alas, this will have to worked on when it's dry. They're spice tins from Dean and Deluca, the resident chef's preference for some spices, not all. How cool are they? The cool vs warm shadows and highlights are so well defined, painting this is like a study in values. I think the linen would have faired best for this but I'm still hesitant to revisit those cups I'm doing on that stuff. I think a break is in order, I'll stick with canvas for a bit.

It's Friday, I think I'll quit early. Professionals do that sometimes. Really. A nice cup of tea, some music and perhaps a book till my bud gets home. Enjoy the weekend! Arrrgh! More thunderstorms.

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