Monday, August 4, 2008

Generosity and Kindness

If one has been reading any of my thoughts, it's rather obvious that I lack some confidence and conviction, well a lot of confidence and conviction. I sent an email to an artist who's work and blog actually inspired me to begin daily paintings and posting. She is not only an incredibly gifted artist, but also an amazing writer and I so look forward to seeing her new works and reading her thoughts. I asked her in my email, if she were so inclined, to share a bit of her process with me. Her reply was yet another guidepost sorely needed on my journey to wholeness and unfettered creativity. I will be forever grateful and I am humbled by her generosity.

This incredibly generous artist shared her thoughts and process and in doing so woke me up to my rather frustrating practice of sabotaging myself and my work because I don't believe I deserve success and can't see the obvious answers right under my nose!
I get so into wringing my hands and fretting about not being able to do what I want that I don't spend any energy actually thinking about how I'm going to do what I want, and consequently, I become my very own self-fulling prophecy.

I just wanted to thank her for her generosity, kindness and endless inspiration.

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