Sunday, August 3, 2008

The New Studio

I just walked into the studio and was so overwhelmed with the order, neatness and general peace of the place that I was moved to share. Or perhaps show off. Either way, I'm so proud of me for honoring my work space and finally realizing I deserve a neat, decorated, inspiring studio to work in, I just don't know what to do with myself.

The weather broke yesterday thanks to a non-severe thunderstorm (my favorite kind) and this morning is clear, bright and so much cooler. I've got the windows open and the dappled sunlight streaming in dances on the floor each time the wind blows the leaves. It's just perfect, I can't wait to start work. I guess when one changes ones outlook everything looks different. Um...Duh! Of course a little sweat equity doesn't hurt either.

The snaps pretty much explain themselves. I took lots, but won't bore you with them all. The easel shot shows the Mugscape I hope to finish today and the other really shows off the magenta wall paint and the two farmhouse kitchen tables that became fashionably obsolete a few years back and now serve as desks for computers, printer and scanner. The hubs and I used to work together as graphic designers and he still works from home on weekends when necessary. Oh, a car alarm just went off and broke the spell of this beautiful morning! I refuse to close the window, the breeze is just too friendly. It just stopped. Time to work.

I will post at least one Mugscape today, but hopefully both.

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