Saturday, August 2, 2008

MUGSCAPE 1 Still Going

I'm actually beginning to enjoy working on the linen on board surface, but wet on wet isn't ever going to be possible, unfortunately, which might eliminate using them for dailies. While the surface is perfect for the bright work, it's impossible unless it's somewhat dry and it's a dull rainy day so there'll be no help from the sun.

I could begin working on other pieces, pick up on some larger canvases or organize my schedule, but the hubs is home, he's makin' chili with Patron, there's music planned for later, and he just made those cute puppy eyes, so, looks like it's a wrap for me today. What a drag, time to stop working and play. Oh well, if I must. Although, I must admit, it's really hard to leave the studio now that it's the only room in the house that's newly painted, decorated and cozy. Hopefully I'll post both Mugscapes tomorrow.

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