Monday, August 11, 2008


24 x 24"
Oil on gallery profile canvas

Another commission as daily! Well almost. It took two days but at least I was working and since I was working, I'm posting this as my weekend.

My client asked for a more modern approach to this portrait and I am very grateful for that. The request led me away from my traditional realism toward a more posterized effect, which I really enjoyed doing! I'm not unhappy. Not at all.

Also, a strange thing happened while I was getting ready to start this Saturday. As I was setting up my palette I heavy sighed to myself and thought—"I hate this part, it..." and then I remembered that I could choose to be present and enjoy the moment, pay attention to each step, not some future moment that I'm anxious about. I've never had more fun setting up to work! I noticed everything about what I was doing, the texture of the paint, the reflected light from each colorful mound on the stark white paper, a car that drove by outside, a bird singing in the backyard. I didn't drop anything, there was no melodrama. Oh my, another growth spurt!

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