Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OK, So I Let It Go!

Sloth, that is. So much time, so little done. Four days of rest and relaxation. Sometimes ya just gotta chill, but now, it's time to get back to work! I have 3 dailies, 3 commissions and 4 gallery pieces going at once and with nothing near done I'm posting two previous commissions from two years ago today.

I really have no set style of painting pet portraits. The photo I'm given as reference for the portrait determines the style in which I paint it. Some photos aren't that great for reference, but they contain just enough visual information to tell me who that critter looking out at me really is. Some, like the one provided by the client for this 16 x 20" feline, are incredibly detailed. I'm happy with both as they present me with a new approach or challenge with each new commission. Admittedly, I got a tad carried away with detail here. I had to be restrained, as I believe I was about to start counting eyelashes. That drove himself insane. I can hear him now..."they already have a photograph honey, I believe it's a portrait they commissioned!" The point itself was well made, however as I recall, I didn't take it very well. But I think I've relaxed since I did this.

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