Tuesday, August 12, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on gallery profile canvas
Please contact me for purchase info
thru www.suzanneberry.com

Painting this was like walking in mud. Again the toned canvas wasn't dry enough and again I pushed paint around hoping it would work out. It didn't. On to the next one.

The day I went to the market to purchase veggies and fruit for still life, these radish leaves were perky and plush. But by the time I arrived home, unpacked the groceries, did my best June Cleaver imitation around the house and finally set up to shoot—the leaves had lost their happy. I still thought they looked cool, if not a little sad, so I decided to paint them anyway.

It's so beautiful outside, I keep wondering if I'm dreaming. No humidity, the most incredible blue sky and bright sun. Good thing too, my commissioned "Lily," posted yesterday, has to be shipped out tomorrow. I bought a hair dryer just in case. I like tight deadlines because I'm forced to produce, but the drying time is a little nerve racking. And now, I'm beginning to see the wisdom in varnishing—which should take place one year after the painting is completed! A conundrum to be sure.

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