Tuesday, April 21, 2009


oil on canvas

Bugs as a narrative. Perhaps that's where the bug series is taking me. Who knows? How many of us have felt the stinging pain of betrayal at the hands of someone we trusted? It's part of life, of emotional growth, of learning that we should give only as much as we are prepared to lose and to know in the end we can never really lose anyone or anything. That was serious, can't catch your breath or swallow a morsel pain. I put that pain in a part of my brain that's reserved only for life's most overwhelming and unspeakable events, especially when I was younger. And yet, in hindsight, those unbearable moments prepared me for the love and trust I enjoy today. And in the end, it was never about who or what we lost, but how much we felt diminished by their absence, and that we can fix.

The lady in the foreground may be a high school girl seeing her BFF engrossed in an animated conversation with her nemesis, or perhaps a suspicious housewife tracking her philandering husbands footsteps during his lunch hour to finally find him canoodling with his administrative assistant. Or even a besotted, insecure middle-aged man mistaking a casual conversation between his wife and best friend as more than it is. Or, they could just be three ladybugs, painted on a stark white canvas.


  1. EEEEEee! I'm jumping up and down and clapping my hands! Yes! Do more! The viewer CAN interpret what the dialog could be for these paintings. Very clever in not showing the 'bug' expression on the ladybug most affected in this scenario. I can imagine little streams of smoke coming out of bug ears now...

  2. LOVE this one! Love ladybugs (and gentlemenbugs) and you've captured them so well.

  3. Very unique composition here and very well executed. Nice work here.

  4. These just get more interesting...I love that you incorporated your thoughts......

  5. One of your best. What shiny bugs, I just know you polished them before you painted them.

  6. Another amazing bug painting, Suzanne!

    I love the grouping of three ladybugs together on one canvas.

    The glossy red wings are just superb.

    So technical looking, so precise, so fun!


  7. Hi Suzanne,

    The perspective of this artwork is really well achieved, as it's also its composition.
    Your work "The Summit" is also quite good.

    Best regards,



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