Thursday, April 2, 2009


oil on linen

Apparently these two have history. Either she's looking longingly at him as he walks away— completely blind to her pain—or he's looking longingly as she struts her program away from his abusive arse—completely blind to his pain. Not sure which and besides, who can tell with ants!

So, big step, for me anyway. A larger canvas doesn't really command a greater respect for the handling of negative space, it just feels that way, suz. Yesterday I was so jacked about the bug series, today I'm wonderin' if it works. Whatever, fun, a good time, enjoying ones' job, these are all the criteria by which a choice of subject(s) should be judged, no? Well see. I think I have one more of the trampoline series, so perhaps a change of subject might give me a better persective on the critters.


  1. It absolutely works! Sometimes when you've spent so much time and become so close to your work it's difficult to see it's beauty and uniqueness from your perspective.

    My clue into you maybe being to close to this one? Maybe it was your in depth analysis into the psychology of ant couple dynamics through body language?

  2. You've been working hard, Suzanne. The bugs are so cool, especially the caterpillar....the colors! I like the shadows under these two ants.

  3. I'm not an artist, just an admirer, but as far as I'm concerned the bugs are wonderful. I can't wait to look every day to see if there's a new one. They're outstanding.

  4. I just have to say your work is fantastic and this one-so clever. It is fun to look at your paintings. Good job.

  5. Damn. I clicked onto the larger picture and these are ridiculously detailed.

    Check out their antennae and legs. So many little touches but I bet that's due to the larger size this time.

    The composition works well too. The ants' placement is perfect.

    Another amazing job, Suzanne!



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