Wednesday, April 1, 2009


oil on linen

Apparently, I'm buggin! Who knows how long this will last or where it will take me, but I think that I might possibly have stumbled onto a direction! Oh my! All sorts of buggy images, strategically placed on stark white canvasses, are crawling about, in and out my little grey cells. They're fun, they're not difficult and it takes me away from feeling I need to fill up a canvas. Not that filling up a canvas isn't the way to go, just that I sometimes fill far too much, I think. Who knows? Who cares! I go to sleep dreaming of new ideas and wake up eager to begin painting. I'm riding this critter till it craps out.


  1. This works so well on the plain background. Love the vivid colors. If you are indeed going in this direction, it's a good one...keep on buggin'!

  2. Yes, this is def a direction, Suz! I haven't seen this done before.
    You have a great series going here, along with the little girls.

  3. OMG!!!!
    I love this plump and juicy little caterpillar!!!

    Yes more please! I love how you've placed them so they appear to be about to crawl off the canvas!!

  4. I wouldn't want this guy chewing on my redbud but I love his portrait. The elegant simplicity of this piece is a joy.

  5. I have been really loving your bugs!

  6. Another wonderful bug!

    It might be neat to do the complete opposite and try at least one bug on an all black canvas.



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