Wednesday, April 15, 2009


16x20" each
oil on canvas
Also sold separately

I thought it might be a good idea to post the trampoline paintings together to see how they look. It's funny, my graphic design spidey sense keeps chirping away. My former boss keeps whispering in my ear, no—actually, shouting in my ear...why is there a shadow on only one?..why aren't they all the same size?...why are two in mid-air and one not? All valid questions to which I answer, because that's how they were done. Scram!


  1. Absolutely beautiful.
    Tell that left brain to shut it.

  2. I think these are perfect. They make me want to get up and dance!

  3. LOL....I want a Tracey Clarke to be on my side too! Lucky you and if you know what's good for you , you'll listen to her!

  4. Thank you for showing all three of these side by side. It's neat to see the series all grouped together. (Maybe you could do that with the bug series?)

    I actually like that each painting isn't exactly identical. Who cares if each figure isn't the same size? It would be boring if it was.

    Great job here, Suzanne!


  5. These are just gorgeous! I love them displayed together...the viewer gets a sense of the bouncing going on. I hope whomever purchases them gets the entire series.

  6. These are fantastic Suzanne! It transcends trampoline. It's just the spirit of this gleeful girl. I agree with Gwen--- I would call this an official triptic. Congratulations on this fine trio.

  7. LOVE these, Suzanne! Good grief now I want to paint jumping children too! Your work is inspiring.


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