Thursday, April 9, 2009


oil on canvas

Another past commission. Had a mishap and brutalized my hamstring. Ouch! Good thing I paint sitting down.

Done at least two years ago, it was the last in a series of Christmas commissions. I'd been painting non-stop for about a month and a half and when I finished it I was surprised by the looseness and spontaneity of it. Now that I'm daily painting I understand why. Seems fairly obvious, but I'm only seeing it now. Silly.


  1. Stunning painting, Suzanne - beautiful!

  2. Hi Suzanne! I just want to kiss this lab on his big fat nose! Take care of yourself. Big ouchies when you hurt the hamstring. hugs.

  3. OMG!!! I didn't even see Bug 10, footprints and Roscoe until I came back. You have a 'tradition of excellence' young lady. Your blogs are the reason why I feel blessed to be inspired by artists like you.
    more HUGS!!!


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