Thursday, April 23, 2009


oil on canvas

Yet another past commission. I can't remember this little ball of cotton's name, but I do remember, vividly, painting the rug on the stairs.
There are four new bug paintings in progress that probably won't be finished until late next week, I have a commission in progress along with some self promo work, but I find myself feeling adrift. (wow, what a surprise suz!) I've got the ole "I don't know what I wanna paint when I grow up" angst again. I know, shut-up and keep painting, it will lead you where you end up.

Still, I'm feeling rather pedestrian. I received an invitation to submit work to this incredible online juried gallery and the work there simply blew me away. The hubs and I have had a running dialog on subject matter, he being of the edgy, conceptual more disturbing school and me the more traditional. But as I struggle to come up with more exciting and unique dailies for posting, I find I'm leaning more and more in a conceptual direction, at least, the bug narrative being an obvious example. However, I'll never be able to stray too far away from who I am artisically and comparing my work always leads me down the same dark road. Comparisons are strictly of the ego and either leave one feeling woefully inadequate or superficially superior—and since neither of these emotions feed the muse, what's the point? We'll see.


  1. Beautiful! You are a patient woman, Suzanne...I would crack under the focus it would take paint that rug!

  2. Wow... both to the painting and all that's on your plate woman! I guess with work coming in that's good! I am looking forward to more bugs!

  3. About this painting, all I have to say is YUM, yum, yum. Absolutely delicious visual texture. Suz, your blog is always so much fun to read to as a topper to your paintings.

  4. The leopard print stair runner is what makes this painting great!


  5. Suzanne my guess is you are not a painter you are a wizard!! :) I really loved this painting... You put a spirit in your paintings, i can just stroke the soft fur of this little beauty, and her look is so wonderful...


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