Monday, April 6, 2009

BUG 10

oil on linen

I'm running out of clever bug references. Or depending upon your point of view, perhaps I never had any.

These 20x20's are the perfect surface for these critters. Being a victim of the literal, it never occured to search out a less smooth linen surface, but happily, the larger linen stretched I ordered is just perfect.

This particular creepy crawler was painted and posted in the not to distant past as Bug 4 on 10x10", but with the arrival of the larger canvases, the incredible colors on his candy coated outer shell begged for a second visit.

Himself is home today and was rather rude to me when I questioned the wisdom of my subject matter for the three-hundredth time. It basically boiled down to "just keep painting."


  1. I guess you've always known you were different, right? Such a cool bug for that "just right" collector.

  2. Himself has great wisdom. I second it. I often give myself the same advice.
    And by the way, this is an endless subject matter. You cannot run out of bugs to paint! Go for it.
    How about a little book of bug paintings down the road?

  3. Love the bright palette of Red and Green on that white background. The reflections in his shell are so crisp! I can feel the hardness of the it. Love the red....whatever it is....nose? feeler?
    Can't wait to see more little bugs!

  4. Suzanne, how many of these bug paintings can you do?!

    You're like a machine at this point! LOL

    This is probably your most colorful bug to date. Very bright, jewel-toned greens and reds.

    And incredibly detailed too.....especially on the legs and the bug's horn/mouth.



  5. Great to see another painter accomplishing wonderful paintings of bugs! Nice blending and color tones on the beetle. Isn't it fun. Keep painting away...people love em! They certainly are my favorite subject.

  6. This is SO cool and I love it...even though I hate bugs. That's gotta tell you how amazing it is! Loving your blog and your sense of humor too. I'm adding you to my fave links.


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