Monday, April 13, 2009


oil on canvas

A three day rest helped the hammy which means I'm hobbling less. Hoping to post a new piece tomorrow. This is Cody, another previous commission.

Thinking of making the move downstairs tomorrow. Also thinking I'm making way too much out of the whole thing. But hey, why not add yet another layer of "voice noise" to my burgeoning collection of negative head tapes. Or would they be CDs now? Careful dear, you'll be running about with sage bundles and chanting incantations before long.

I know what's up, I've read my self-help books. I had a nice couple of days there, with the bugs and a few other paintings and now feel the need to pay for my creative windfall with a healthy helping of dismal depression. Note how the word healthy illuminates the negative in the previous sentence. It's starting isn't it.


  1. Love the way you rendered that eye and that juicy nose! The dark background really gives it a Renaissance look! Brava! Hope Hammy Heals Hastily ...

  2. Another absolutely wonderful portrait, Suzanne!

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  4. Man, Suzanne, have I ever been there. Especially after a good run of painting. Get back in there and do the "la la la! I am not listening!" thing with the monstrosity called the critic. It is all about moving toward the work despite the "noise."....(which I failed at today because of Ikea....)
    Cody is lovely...


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