Sunday, May 3, 2009


pencil on paper

I've been meaning to get back to drawing for some time. Since I've been painting so much, I wondered if my penicl drawing technique would be improved as I draw with the brush in my work. My time at the Fashion Institute really focused on fashion, obviously, which in turn made me more prone to drawing long limbs, slim faces and exaggerated lines. With this drawing, done while watching a documentary on Public TV, only now do I realize how much my style has changed, and I think for the better. I mention Public TV only because it puts me in a more creative head space. Watching/listening to artists while I work really seems to help me push to that place that is blissfully free of the "voice." In fact, there still is a voice but it's a good voice. It tells me I can now do all the things I've always wanted to do artisically.

The work of sculptor Richard MacDonald is simply amazing to me. I tear pages out of art magazines and keep them in plastic sleeves and I happened to have a few pages of his work out this morning when I decided to draw. I'm so glad I did. The planes of the face were so much more apparent. This was a good time. I'd love to work more drawing into my daily posting, I think this is a good start.


  1. Loooooooooooooooooove this. Of course you know I have a particular fondness for frontal face sketches.

  2. Really wonderful drawing! AND what a handsome model.

  3. Suz,
    Great drawing, great subject. You are evolving.

  4. THAT is a fine lookin' man!....and an exquisite drawing.

  5. Richard MacDonald has several of his pieces here in Vegas at the Bellagio in front of the "O" theatre. ("O" is one of the Cirque de Soloil shows here.)I go there every few weeks just to see those beautiful sculptures he has done. WOW! They range in size from about 1' high to more than 7' high. It's simply amazing. Check out his website sometime:
    Oh yeah, and what a great drawing you did. So much character and grace in this portrait. -Don


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