Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am ridiculously grateful to two of the most incredibly gifted artists I have met thus far on my blog/dp/internet journey, and I want to acknowledge and thank them both here for their generosity, support and kindness.

I've been corresponding with an incredible artist, Tracey Clarke, whose work I first saw on I was bowled over by her brushwork, concepts, narrative and vision and I wrote her and told her so. Since then she has been guiding me, in a very real sense, toward realizing my dream of saying something with my work and I wanted to thank her, publicly for her generostiy, kindness and insight. Please visit her sites:, her work is, quite simply, incredible. She's also setting up to participate in Artomatic in Washington, DC, so if you're in the area make plans to stop by.

And I'd like to introduce you to and thank Jessa and James Huebing-Reitinger, whose site——is the virutal home of an educational traveling exhibit of the World's Largest Scientific Illustrations and live performances of the artists. They have been kind enough to invite me and my bugs to be featured on their site beginning August of this year! I'm stunned and so grateful for their generosity!

I first met Jessa when she sent me a kind comment about one of my bug paintings. She checked in a second time and we've been corresponding and getting to know one another recently which led to their kind invite. Her bug work humbles me, a lot. She takes them to a place I'd love to go. Just perfect, rich, sumptuous backgrounds and concepts along with stunningly painted bugs! She and her husband also just published a children's book "How Mildred Became Famous," following the adventures of Mildred the praying mantis which lead her to a chance encounter with the artists and Project Insect. I cannot wait to see it.

I'm going to ask permission to post some of their work here, but wanted to thank them first for their support and guidance.

Guess it's time to get to work.


  1. Thanks, Suzanne. You have been such an encouragement to me....

    WOW! What amazing the work on the Insect Project! Congrats on the feature! How cool is that? I KNEW the bug series was special and had a purpose...

  2. Thank you Suz,
    I just checked in to see what was "new" before emailing you back and wow..there ya were chatting about us. You are so great! Your work is great and your blog is great! So glad we have begun these creative travels together. Thanks so much for your words and support, you may post my work anytime. You are one in a million.


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