Tuesday, May 12, 2009


charcoal on paper

Out of the pity pot and into the sun. Kept my promise to draw for at least an hour each day. Feeling much better after a weekend of reflection, music and art with himself. It's so ridiculous. Neither of us has the ability to look objectively at his or her own work. He makes fun of me until I remind him of his last self-critique. Oh well. Whatever. As long as I continue to work right?


  1. Right.... this is very nice. Where do you find the model?

  2. Keep these beauties coming, Suz. Even though it's called work, is it really work when we're having fun? -Don

  3. Great nude, Suzanne!

    Very simple, almost whimsical in appearance!

    A nice change from all the super-rendered paintings you do so well.


  4. Hi Suzanne, My first visit to your blog and I find your work very beautiful. Am looking forward to having a bit of time to look through your work more in detail. Am especially drawn to the figures. I'm just venturing into blog-land myself but will add a link to your site. I look forward to following your work in the future and send you my best, Aliaena

  5. Ewa April 10 2012

    Beautiful realistic piece, very worth to copy!


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