Friday, May 8, 2009


pencil, conte crayon on paper

What do ya call it when an artist suddenly has a complete breakdown in confidence and thinks she's a fraud? Friday. One of those days. A lot of heavy sighing, looking out the window, feeling like a failure, what's the point kind of days. I honestly think we need these days for contrast.

I did paint however. I'm not giving up. Ever. It was actually laughable this time. I've never worked as much, had as much exposure or had artists I admire tell me nice things and yet somehow, today, I thought I should quit. What's up with that?

I found this in a pad. It was done a few months ago and I didn't like it. I worked on it a bit and got the ok from himself to post it. Heavy sigh.


  1. BIG HUGS!!! I think a lot of us creative types gets these feelings because we 'feel' so much. To get to those really high highs, you need to hit the lows sometimes. Hang in there. You'll feel better soon. We believe in ya. I just had one of those couple of days this week. Hence the sketch on my 'dude.' More hugs!

  2. There must be something in the water or air. Maybe it's just something about spring. I don't know... I posted a similar angst-laden-doubting-myself rant just last week. Hang in there. You are damn good at what you do and these moments of self-doubt are a part of our creative process. I agree with Sheila about the highs and lows. Now, enough of the feeling sorry for yourself. Paint! =) -Don

  3. A fraud?


    You got super talent coursing through your veins, Suzanne!

    Your ever growing bug series is outstanding!

    I guess even amazing artists like yourself go through those "self-defeating phases" too.

    Oh, and I love how the three figures are grouped together. It makes the nudes fill up the space nicely and keeps things interesting.

    Keep going strong, Suzanne!


  4. your work is it:)


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