Thursday, May 28, 2009

BUG 12

oil on linen

The body of a grasshopper reminds me a lot of the Alien. He's got that armor thing goin' on. No double set of those nasty extended choppers tho'. I'm stumped here. What does one say about a grasshopper? Bug 12 will have to do.


  1. Bug 12 is groovy. You gotta' love those greens and reds. Another keeper... -Don

  2. My very favorite so far.....and I love them all!

  3. He looks like me means business... like 'get out of my way, I've got stuff to do'...

    love it!

  4. So great to see you Buggin' again! Wonderful exoskeletal iridescence.

  5. You know I'm lovin it!...Always the last to comment too...I'm always behind several days. what else is new?? Can't wait for the next!!!


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