Friday, May 15, 2009

SUZ by Tim Berry


I wanted to post this just to prove my point. No, wait, actually I'm proving his point! Whatever. This is just a detail as it wouldn't fit on the scanner and the camera has a stomach virus, besides which I wouldn't think of disturbing that professional framing job. It's one of my favorite pieces and not just because it's of moi. He is quite gifted, no? Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Aren't you pretty and sexy. I guess that would be pretty sexy, no?

  2. Very gifted indeed!

    Sheila's on to something.

    Great facial expression captured by Tim.

    Definitely fun, pretty, and sexy......and maybe even flirty too!


  3. This is lovely.....:). You two are like the super amazing artist duo!

  4. This is beautiful, Suz. It has a wonderful, spontaneous feel that I'm sure has captured your essence and beauty. However, regarding your posts, I feel they're apples and oranges. The dog with its perspective felt like he needed 'grounding', whereas this portrait being so close-up can rely on the shadow pattern and brush strokes to give my eyes enough information to finish it in my mind. To me the one is a finished portrait while the other is a beautiful study. I hope this makes sense... -Don


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