Tuesday, May 5, 2009


oil on canvas

This is the painting I'll be donating to "The Art of Rescue," for boxers in a week or two. I wanted to post it unfinished because I'm never satisfied that it's better when it's done. I'm going through an "unfinished" phase, meaning, I'm more aware of wanting to bring a drawing quality into the paintings and not "finish" or complete every single square inch of it. We'll see.

I'm itching to paint more bugs but I'm on deadline for a few things and won't be able to for a couple of days. Probably will draw more however as that's a great time while sitting, mouth agape in front of the idiot box.


  1. wow, he's lovely, I expect he'll make a fortune for the charity. Well done you for being so generous.

  2. I really like the "unfinished" look. Painterly.

  3. How adorable is this! What a superb gift for your cause.

    Yes, when you get a chance, scratch that "itch" for your bugs.

  4. Suzanne, he is beautiful and I can almost feel his velvety soft nose, especially because of the pinks. This is an awesome painting to donate for a good cause.

  5. Another beautiful painting and for a truly great cause. Bless your heart and talent!

  6. Very sweet painting, Suzanne - beautifully done! Wonderful cause.

  7. Cute facial expression, Suzanne!



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