Monday, May 25, 2009


It occurred to me that it was poor form on my part not to publically thank everyone who leaves a comment here, be it of support and approval or critique and suggestion. I appreciate, more than you'll ever know, all of the comments I have received on my blog. Clearly, I'm a tad left of center and I've found that sharing my perceptions, feelings and fears has only brought me support, kindness, generosity and a sense of belonging, being part of something much larger than myself. While this painting, blogging and posting process is teaching me to cultivate confidence in myself and my work, hearing other perspectives is invaluable and so much appreciated. So, thank you everyone.

Also, since I've posted only once in the last week and a half and that post was a previous commission, it's pretty obvious I'm taking a small vacation. Himself is home for 5 glorious days and we've just been relaxing. It's helping me as I'm seeing how much of my identity is now becoming a function of..."have I posted and how was it received!" Not good! Not good at all. What I do cannot become who I am because if it ceases to be then so do I. I would have hoped that lesson was learned when I lost my job and didn't vanish into thin air. But, obviously, it's a process. The painting is the thing dear, not the posting.

And finally, on this Memorial Day, I'd like to thank my brother, Lawrence Barnes— who fought bravely and was wounded in Viet Nam— and each and every soul, now and throughout our history, who has worn a uniform and served his or her country. I'm hoping that someday you'll all be out of a job. Peace.


  1. Amen to that. All of "that."
    You are an artist. Whether you are painting, posting, thinking about it...resting...whatever. That's who you are.

    My dad was in Vietnam. He never really recovered.

    Enjoy your husband!

  2. What a beautiful post.Thank you - I needed that. And, as Tracey said, enjoy your husband.

    Two of my brothers served our country. Thankfully both served between wars. My father-in-law served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. My father served between Korea and Vietnam. Thank you to all of them.


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