Sunday, May 10, 2009


charcoal, conte crayon on paper

Thank you for your support and kind words Sheila and Don, I was being a brat. You're right, I was being very silly and feeling sorry for myself. Why? Ego. If there's a problem, it's always the ego. I read somewhere that it always speaks first and it's always wrong.

I did discover that the best thing for me to do when I take up residence in the pity pot is to work. It changes everything. Even if what I'm doing doesn't immediately scratch that ego itch, I feel better simply because I took steps to banish the poop. And that's all I can do. What I think and how I feel is completely my responsibility. Period. Before DP, I would let these pity periods carry on for weeks. Now, I know I need to get off my arse and get to work. No need go figure out why, just get rid of it. It's all illogical nonsense anyway.

This is the result. Happy Mother's Day to us all, even those of us whose progeny have whiskers, a cold nose and pant when it gets hot.


  1. Have you ever listened to "Songs for Drella" by Lou Reed and John Cale? It's a tribute album Lou wrote for Andy Warhol. Song 4 on the album is "Work" and Lou quotes Andy in the chorus as saying 'It's just work'. And you're right, work is what it takes to get us out of the pity pot. Hey, nice job with the drawing - Your handling of shadow pattern is always great. -Don

  2. You're right, Suzanne.

    Sometimes the best thing to do when feeling stuck is to take action.

    "I feel better simply because I took steps to banish the poop."

    That line had me laughing out loud!

    Hope you're feeling better!


  3. Hey, sounds exactly like MY offspring! (4 cats, 2 dogs)


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