Tuesday, May 27, 2008


5 X 7 Oil on canvas

I found my photo reference online, for free! I want to provide the option of smaller portrait sizes for the pet boutiques that carry my work and I need subject matter for daily paintings, so I've completed the second in what I hope will be a series.

I was happy with this one, until I took the photo that is. Now I don't like it at all. It looked much better in real life. Oh well, this is a learning experience— I've accepted that some will work out better than others and I'm cranky, so nothing is really making me all that happy right now. This too is my choice and shall soon pass.

I'm really having fun with the larger piece though. I cannot believe what doing a daily has done to my work output! Himself thinks someone put a pod under my bed and I'm not all that sure I disagree. Who is this person who is suddenly painting 5 to 7 hours a day? I'm not sure, but I'm likin' her...a lot!

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