Thursday, May 15, 2008


I cannot tell a lie. This is an old painting. I'm working on a commission today and am unable to do a daily, but the point is to work, right, which I was, so I thought I'd post a finished piece that I had a shot of.

I had done a series of paintings of melons and had them on the wall in our living room. I did them when I still worked in the world (arrrghh) for fun. Unexpectedly, they were sold when I put them on my website. Who knew?

Since I started dailies, I haven't heard from my resident voice. You know the one, in your head that sometimes takes the form of a parent or perhaps that life class instructor who told you she once thought you were sensitive, but now, watching you work she sees that your just a coward. That voice. I guess I've just been to busy to listen. Maybe that's the point.

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