Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here We Go!

Well, I started with a great attitude. I found the perfect shot of two pears that I took 4 years ago. Saved myself the trip to the grocery store and a photo set up. I'm determined to finish my first daily painting today. Of course, I cropped the shot, set up the printer with special photo paper, hit the send button and my computer just shut off. Never mind that it was on all day yesterday and all night. I have a Mac and it's got "turn off whenever I feel like it" disease. I could get if fixed, but why eliminate all that drama and suffering. I'll get 'er goin' again soon and keep on. I will not be defeated by my very own version of "turn off whenever I feel like it" disease. I will upload a painting tonight. I have until 6 pm. Arrrrrghhhhh!

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