Monday, May 5, 2008

Soap in the Sun

I'm hoping this daily painting thing allows or weekends off. I've decided that at least my daily painting thing allows for weekends off.

Painting today was particularly hard because my husband has 3-day weekends, and I usually don't get back into the studio until Tuesday. I'm determined to see this through for at least one year. If nothing else, I'll have a lot of experience under my belt and a complete collection of really small paintings!

I bought some liquid soap in colors that I love and photographed them in the planter window. I want to do a huge study of these because I love what the sunlight does to the shapes and colors.

I'm satisfied that I painted today, happy with this but not thrilled. My husband and I were talking this weekend about what happens when we look at our work and think it's not good. This happens to both of us in the course of working constantly. I vacillate between thinking it's coming out really well to wanting to throw it through the nearest open window. I'm hoping daily painting will help this silliness as well. It's a complete waste of time and it interrupts my concentration. Perhaps that's the plan.

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  1. Hi - I found your blog through the comment you left at Jelaine's after her landscaper disaster :-(
    You're only a few days old, but already I know you will be a success - some great paintings and fun writing. I'm adding you to my blogroll to follow along.

    Re: your mac. arrgh. After 4 years of faithful work, mine has got attitude. All last month spent doing repairs, I finally got a laptop too so I could get some work done. Thought everything was fixed - but today the desktop is frozen up - so off to repairs again....

    Anyway, enjoy your blog and your daily paintings!



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