Thursday, May 1, 2008


I'm astonished! I actually did it! I did my very first daily painting...well...daily! Actually, I did one yesterday, but abandoned it mid-stream because I realized it was far too complicated for one day's work. My husband said I should post it anyway because that would be honest. Ha. He wouldn't if it was his! Anyway, before "finished painting dismorphic syndrome" kicks in and I look at it and think it's not worthy, I'm uploading and calling today a success. Actually, any day I'm not looking out the window heavy sighing because I can't figure out what to paint is a good day.

This process keeps me focused, doesn't give me time to agonize over which photo to choose from, makes me paint in big chunks, only adding detail later. The one think I must keep up with is brushes. I find the Lowe-Cornell comfort brushes to be perfect for me. Don't laugh! They're craft brushes with short handles. I get three or four paintings per batch and then just replace them. I love them and the way I handle brushes this is just my speed.

As far as the painting goes, I like it. I need really good small brushes though, it was a nightmare trying to get a thin line with a whisk broom. I want to take some more time and work on crisping the lines and adding more highlights. I really think the size isn't going to be the problem I first suspected. Unless I'm working on a commission with a deadline looming, I just don't finish larger paintings, so this is definitely a good exercise for me.

I have to do this all over again tomorrow don't I?

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