Friday, May 9, 2008


It's raining out. Dark, damp, depressing, the perfect afternoon for Miles, red wine and a daily painting. The shot I took of it isn't that good, but it gets the point across. I took a gazillion photographs about 10 years ago, hoping to use them for enormous, dramatic still lifes. The shots were a disappointment so I didn't use them. In digging through my stash, I found that they're perfect for smaller canvasses. Who knew?

The wash I used to tone my canvasses is a mix of water soluble oil and water. My husband loved the apples I did yesterday and wondered what was different. The wet canvas was different. I'll have to try that again. Perhaps the wet, toned canvas provides the perfect situation for a happy accident?

I thought this would be a nightmare but it went very well. I'm thinking of trying a small pet portrait next. Gracie and Roscoe and the most amazing Boston Terriers I've ever met. We'll see. It's the weekend, I have two days off. I want to keep painting so I'll work on some larger pieces and a pet commission to keep my hand in. Enjoy the weekend.

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