Monday, May 19, 2008


4 x4" Oil on canvas

This week, I face my most difficult challenge to date—with regard to keeping my daily painting commitment that is. My husband is home on vay-cay, for the next ten days. This is generally not a great time of creativity and production for either of us. Since vacation equals a time of joy, complete irresponsibility and lots 'o fun, I needed a plan.

Not wanting to relinquish this incredible feeling of connection with the art gods, I decided I would wake early and get my daily in. And, I would keep my subject matter simple and easy. Hence, Onion #2! Plus, we have some real life stuff to take care of, so we'll see. If I absolutely cannot post a daily, I'll post a completed piece.

In the reference photo the onions are touching. I thought it might be nice to center each and see how that works out. It's amazing how much difference a daily commitment has made to my process. It used to take me anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to actually sit down and pick up a brush. Not any more!

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