Friday, May 2, 2008

Number Two

Oh my! I did it—two days in a row! I am really amazed. Of course, like starting a diet or exercise program, the honeymoon is short lived, but there I go projecting defeat again. The time to prove my resolve is when the honeymoon really IS over and I've calmed down from my newly found "daily painting" buzz.

This one was done in 4 hours but for obvious reasons~lots of black. Yes, I sort of cheated in the sense that I have painted these pears before, but this is from a different view and the photo looked just the sort that would lend itself to a daily attempt. I suffer from blank canvas tremors. Thinking about painting, planning to paint is great fun. My problem comes when it's time to sit down and start. Once I'm well into it, I'm as happy as a clam (how do they know how happy a clam gets.) Anyway, this daily thing will hopefully cure that. Each time I sit down, I think I will fail. Is that good or is that bad? If it makes me concentrate and look at what I'm painting it's good. If it's just another attempt to get me to phone it in, it's not.

I hope this experience will teach me to be a little easier on myself and stop taking me and my work so seriously. I tell my husband, also an artist, to stop being so critical of his work, and then I do the same to myself. Perhaps it's all part of the creative process. Who knows? Who cares. Just paint.

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