Monday, May 26, 2008

The Uglies

I was shocked and saddened when I found out from my hubs, who is an amazing chef, that there are certain tomatoes deemed too ugly to be sold to the public! And to add further insult, they are, in my opinion at least, much, much tastier. I'm not sure what movement made it possible for these less than attractive critters to make it to our local neighborhood grocery store, but thank you! We found these beauties and thought daily!

Obviously, this painting is of the dreaded uglies. Ok, so, they're not symmetrical, a few too many folds and gullies for sure, really spooky lookin' gnarly vine thingys completing the picture. Right out of a Tim Burton movie. I think they're cute. I wanted to really spend time on the vines but wet on wet wasn't optimal for detail work. I'll go back when they dry.

I missed my dailies even though I was working. Curious.

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  1. I LOVE this painting and I love these tomatos (ugly ripes) which are in season here in Naples,FL as we speak. The flap about them was, as I recall, that the 'Perfect" looking tomato growers were all up in arms about these uglies competing with their perfectly shaped but tasteless tomatos. I couldn't believe it. Because of the recent cold snap these can be had cheaply compared to all the others. Even those cluster tomatos are a joke and never taste like real ones!!
    Anyway I love this painting.


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