Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Shoes

I just finished my fourth daily painting and I'm very satisfied with myself. In a way, the daily deadline makes it seem like a "real" job, like when I worked for corporate under adult supervision. I'm great when I have to please an authority figure, but when it's for me, well, I tend to hedge a bit. I should be even more conscientious when it's mine. I am after all the CEO of the company.

I attended the reception for my friend Jeff's show last night (which is why there was no daily yesterday). He has an amazing mind! He takes photographs, old and new, real and from magazines and cuts them up and forms kalidoscope collage arrangements. They are simply stunning. He also allowed me at bring some of my cards and a print of an unfinished painting I'm doing of him. He was most gracious and very generous. I made some very good contacts which might lead to a few commissions and possibly my own exhibit! I guess there is something to getting out of the house and my pj's every now and then.

This painting is of a pair of shoes I bought years ago that didn't fit. (Huge feet.) I thought they were so cool I wore them anyway. As a result, both of my big toes won't bend, but that's another story. I photographed these shoes, boots, whatever, because I loved them. And now, they are immortalized on a 4x4" canvas. My first 4x4" in fact. This again, did not present the problems I had expected. I'm beginning to think I should always work small. I love the satisfaction of completing a piece in one day. I love the satisfaction of honoring myself by working, it feels wonderful.

Thank you Jeff. You are an amazing artist and I love you.

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  1. i love your stuff. how come i don't remember the boots? they are cool! your work and your writing is very good as well. why am i not surprised? good luck with the site and with your works. i never doubted you. i'm pretty sure hubby has alot to do with your motivation and happiness and that's a wonderful thing! hope to see you soon. enjoy!


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