Tuesday, July 29, 2008


16 x 20"
Oil on canvas

Well, it's Tuesday and I'm almost done! Easily discouraged by something as mundane as the sun scampering behind a dark cloud, I am rather proud that my only emotional melt-down came when I was informed by himself, yesterday, that putting up crown molding is not as easy as I had hoped. So that meant buying painter's tape—called Frog Tape, much to my great joy and amusement—and repainting that creepy, pain-in-the-butt and neck area where the ceiling meets the walls. I had a field day not being exact as molding was going to solve that problem, but it was not to be. I could have left it until we do the molding this weekend, but after all this work, to look up from my easel and see ice blue splotches on deep magenta walls would have caused much tension and angst, defeating the initial purpose of attaining and keeping that peaceful easy feeling while working.

And, yes, I did say deep magenta walls. It's a long story, but, it looks great, really! Take ice blue, magenta and add a soft, warm pale gold and it really works well. Himself came up with the pale gold idea and it brought everything together perfectly. Ah, married bliss and some bickering, we were after all painting in mid-summer heat. And also, yes, it has dawned on me that I should look into getting air-conditioning in here.

So, finish up and move everything back in after I've gone through and thrown out all the stuff I don't need. I will be able to report to work tomorrow morn, worked out, showered, dressed and ready for action! That's another part of my plan as I've found that stumbling downstairs in my pj's and working feels nasty. I can restart my daily painting in earnest and in oil and I am very happy about that.

Of course, the idiot voice hasn't been dormant either. Now of course this renovation isn't deserving of my skills or work ethic so I should be humble and frightened and perhaps offer a sacrifice of some sort to the gods and or muse for my arrogance and pride. Really? Bite me! I am as Mr. Pressfield tells me in The War of Art—a professional—and sacrifices are not required by professionals. Although respect to the muse is suggested. Hope she's not offended.

I actually had to unplug the computer so posting previous work as promised wasn't possible. These guys were a commission from earlier this year. Back to work. I'm so excited!

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