Thursday, July 24, 2008


16 x 20"
Oil on canvas

I admit it. It's impossible to paint the walls, ceiling and redo the floor and continue to paint a daily at the same time. I tried. The cherry tomatoes on board wasn't working at all, neither was the lone apple, which I thought would go quickly. The linen board will be a challenge, but I will conquer them as well. Each bump in the road is just something I need to pick up my pretty little petticoat and step right over.

I will hopefully be up and running again on Tuesday, July 29th. I've been taking zillions of shots for reference, some I'm really thrilled with, so I am tres excited about getting back to work in my newly renovated studio, with everything in its' place and a place for everything. Right now it's total chaos and it's playing havoc with my creativity. My muse refused, unconditionally, to even enter the studio this morning. Touchy!

In the meantime, this little guy's name is Pete. He was a Christmas commission 2 years ago. I'll be posting previously done paintings until I return. Chat soon!

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