Tuesday, July 1, 2008


5 X 7"
Oil on canvas
Please contact me thru
for purchase info.

Well, it seems the hand is a bit of cad. The pitcher is inconsolable, as you might imagine. The toy figure form showed up for fashion snaps and it was curtains for the rather round and dowdy pitcher. We're in discussions regarding a healthier diet and some exercise.

There's this company that makes tiny replicas of shoes from every era imaginable. I can't recall the name right now, but I just loved them and collected them for a while back in the day. This form was a "buy that now, get this free" kind of deal. I think because of my fashion illustration background from FIT, I've never gotten over a deep love for the human form. This form says so much with only a portion of the body is represented. There's the weight of the body on a phantom foot, the swing of her shoulders and arms that aren't there and an attitude only possible when one is wearing a girdle and bra from the Fifties.

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