Tuesday, July 1, 2008


5 X 7"
Oil on canvas
Please contact me through
for purchase info

I'm hoping this uploads. I had trouble last night and was so frustrated. This is yesterday's (Monday, June 30th) daily.

Well, it's obvious that the pitcher and the wooden hand cannot seem to keep away from each other. They cavorted on the table top like playful kittens while I
feverishly snapped away, gently prodding them on for that perfect shot. This isn't it, but I liked it.

While I was working on today's daily, trying to remain "in the moment," I thought a lot about why I actually am painting each day, which by definition means, I was not in the moment. I guess it's a process. I'll have another opportunity tomorrow.

I spent 3 days on the larger Stones piece this weekend. I had great fun, but felt a little like I'd jumped from the kiddie pool straight into the ocean. Glad to be back to small canvasses today. The hubs was very wise this weekend. Hearing me whining that I'd never finish the larger piece, he mused..."why not treat each stone as a daily so you won't feel overwhelmed?" How cool is he?

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