Saturday, July 12, 2008


6 X 6"
Oil on museum wrapped linen
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for purchase info

Well, I'm still not done, but a 3-day daily really ain't a daily now is it? Plus, I had to administer salts to himself—a lover of the visible brush stroke and under painting—when he saw how far I took the bright work. He was happy with the first day and would have considered it finished. I agree, but hey, an egg, on linen with all those highlights? Who can resist?

I've always dreamed of doing a painting like this, but never thought I would. I sat down to work today after I'd read a bit of The War of Art and when I came to the part where I get lazy and start phoning it in, I didn't because of what I read. I always wondered why, sometimes, I would do really well, until it came time to finish up, then I'd procrastinate, get distracted and the end product wouldn't look anything like I thought it would. This is an amazing little book!

Now I know why so many artists paint cracked eggs. It's fun. The rich goldenrod yellow yolk with maroon undertones. The light hitting the googly puddle surrounding it, the jagged little edge of the split paper thin shell. Sometimes it takes very little to please me.

I'm amazed by this book. Funny how things just appear when you need them. Well, it didn't really just appear, I had to look it up and order it, but to find the one that resonates right outta the gate? Karma. A pure gift from the muse! I deserve it, she's been MIA quite a lot lately.

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