Wednesday, July 9, 2008


5 X 7"
Oil on canvas
Please contact me thru
for purchase info

The hand and form continue their dalliance, much to the chagrin of the pitcher. I think I'm going to let them both go as subjects, however. The hand has become very arrogant and quite frankly difficult to paint in one day, ditto the form, although she hasn't let the all the fuss go to her head like he has. Alas, this painting is far from finished but life intrudes.

I'm still dealing with creative confidence issues. Who knows? Human beans are nuts. I mean, take a quick look at the world. Why spend time vexed because you think you're not good enough? Keep painting! Ignore the voice, remember? We'll see. I'm not stopping.

I've started a new book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Subtitled "Break through the blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles," it sounds like just what I need. We also watched Gallery HD on the box last night. Amazing channel! Art everywhere. Saw a special on an incredible Chinese artist with an actual vision! Now there's a concept. Also watched a painting class with 4 people being instructed in a life pose in the style of Renoir. I didn't know that Renoir had rheumatoid arthritis, or that his assistants had to bind the brushes to his hand and roll him to his easel. I'm sitting here, relatively healthy, whining about insecurity. How sad.

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