Thursday, July 10, 2008

EGG and SHELL 1 In Progress

6 x6"
Oil on museum wrap linen
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I feel as if a small car has been lifted from my shoulders! I'm 20 pages in to "The War of Art" and I'm so optimistic! I thought I was a freak. I have skills, what's the big deal. Just work! But now I discover that self-doubt and fear are our friends! They are present to help me work— not prevent it! I'm waiting for the day when I have no fear and a desire to paint that is so compelling I can't resist tumbling out of bed at the crack of dawn. Now I'm sure that is never going to happen. I'm feeling exactly what artists are supposed to feel. Who knew?

I think it helped my work enormously today. I felt all the doubts, all the fear and did my work. This is my third daily on linen. I love the feel of this stuff and so does the paint. It seems to dive into the surface of the canvas and spread itself! I've never done cracked open eggs before. It's amazing. So much going on. I've discovered that a cracked eggshell is like a snowflake in that, no matter what, the crack line is just naturally perfect and interesting. Also, we have one of those radiant cook tops with a black surface. Perfect for reflection shots!

Obviously I'm not done yet, but again, the point is to work not rush through just to finish. And I think this one might benefit from some drying time so I can do the bright work and take some time to finish correctly. I'm feeling so much better. I really thought that if I didn't have the passion and concentration of John Singer Sargent—I shouldn't call myself an artist!
Again, it's what works for the individual. Fear and doubt apparently work for me.

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  1. I love this post, and the painting in progress. I will have to look up the book. It sounds perfect for what I'm feeling right now!


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