Tuesday, July 22, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on linen covered board
In Progress

I tried my first painting on a board today. Or a piece of wood or a plank. Whatever, it's got linen glued to the top so one can paint on it. Not a successful studio day at all. It'll be a while before I get the feel of this stuff. It definitely needs to dry each time a coat is applied. It's basically see-through for at least the first two. The sun came out after a cooling shower so I was able to let it dry for a few hours, but it will need more than two coats to cover my drawing lines.

Chaotic around here. I'm in the process of finally getting organized in the storage room next door to the studio and the studio itself. Long overdue for a face lift in here. I'm such a moody critter, it would definitely help me if I were thrilled by and with my surroundings. Not even close yet, but soon.

I'm going to do a daily no matter what. This one isn't finished as explained above. Not at all happy with this painting surface, but I'll have to give it at least 12 more chances as I spontaneously combusted last week and ordered extra before I even tried them! Arrrrgh! Oh well, be present, feel the disappointment and let it pass, I am, after all a professional. We'll see!

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