Saturday, July 19, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on museum wrapped canvas
Please contact me thru for
purchase info

I kept my promise to myself and it feels very good. This is a somewhat quick study of one of the hubs' main implements of construction in the kitchen. The ever-present, mighty EVOO bottle, or better known to us civilians as—the extra virgin olive oil bottle. Great looking bottle. Very "new" old world, no?

I want to get into the habit of quick and really quick oil studies. I think it might spirit me away from the pinpoint study of a highlight to loosely splashing in the paint and thereby achieve the look and feel of spontaneity.

I felt the fear of failure again and embraced it with an open mind. It's like that one relative we all seem to have in our families. The one who knows everything and can't possibly be told anything new. If I were so confident that each piece will end up being perfect, what's the point of sitting down? Where's the excitement? The challenge? Oh my! Was that another growth spurt?

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