Friday, July 11, 2008

EGG and SHELL 1 Still In Progress

I am on page 109 in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It's obvious this book will become dog eared and beat up in no time. Maybe I'll get it as an audiobook and listen while I work! It'll be like mainlining support and inspiration. This book is definitely the kick in the kiester I needed, at least for now. I'm quite familiar with the buzz I get when I discover something that resonates. Recall my rather short-lived, daily painting honeymoon. Oh my, look at that, resistance letting me know it's there, isn't that sweet.

My fear and self-doubt were front and center, well represented by the ever-present idiot voice this morning. I welcomed them, smiled and got down to business. I have a commission to work on so, I'm finishing up the egg and shell in the morning and working on the commission in the afternoon. I'm not bailing, but just slowing down until I get my other work done. Since I have the opportunity, I'm taking my time with this one, I'm rather happy with the way it's working out. Was that just the tiniest bit of self-confidence just then? Oh my.

I'm committing to a minimum of two dailies next week. Hear that, resistance, you beast!

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